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Emphasize your best features with facial piercings

Complete your style with a touch of luxury on your face! From us, you can get stylish and valuable brand jewelry that will highlight the best features of your face with a guarantee! Among LuxJewelle's face piercings, you can find oral jewelry, nose jewelry, septum jewelry, eyebrow jewelry and bridge jewelry. All categories have options of different styles, colors and sizes, from which you can choose the jewelry that suits you best. LuxJewelle's knowledgeable team will be happy to help you if you need help finding the right size.

Insertion and cleaning of facial piercings

When changing facial piercings, remember hand hygiene and also clean your face of possible dirt and cosmetics before changing jewelry. Use a mirror to help you and support the sink grate with wet paper or a stopper if you change your jewelry over the sink. If you can't get the jewelry in place yourself, seek the help of professionals or ask a friend for help. If you are unsure, order a insertion pin with your jewelry and changing will be much easier. You can also find help for the installation and fitting of jewelry on our website and we will always be happy to help you!

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