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Jestrum piercing

Jestrum piercing is a piercing in the middle of the cupid's bow on the upper lip with a banana necklace, the other end of which comes through the middle of the upper lip. Jestrum jewelry is a beautiful and impressive piercing on the upper lip. With the right size jewelry and suitable tips, this piercing is also a wonderful addition to your face. The advantage of jestrum piercing is that even though it belongs to lip piercings, it does not damage your teeth because the jewelry does not go inside the mouth.

What jewelry is suitable for a Jestrum piercing?

Jestrum piercing uses a banana jewelry model, i.e. a curved barbell. Tops of many styles and designs can be used on the ends of banana jewelry, which emphasize the best aspects of the wearer of the jewelry. Ring-shaped jewelry can also be used for Jestrum piercing if the anatomy allows it. The thickness of the Jestrum piercing is initially 1mm-1.6mm.

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