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Ashley piercing

The Ashley piercing is a piercing placed in the middle of the lower lip, where a labret or barbell-style piece of jewelry is used, depending on the anatomy. The Ashley piercing goes straight from the lower lip through to the other side. In Ashley piercings, it is important that the jewelry is the right size and length, so that the jewelry does not get between the teeth or damage the enamel.

What kind of jewelry fits the Ashley piercing?

The thickness of Ashley jewelry is usually 1mm-1.6mm thick, depending on the size of the lips. Smaller lips are better suited to a thinner piece of jewelry with a petite top, while plumper lips are perfectly suited to a more bigger top. At its best, the Ashley piercing is a stunning detail on your face that turns heads. Ashley piercing is suitable for those for whom traditional lip piercing is too common an option.

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