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Black PVD coated titanium

PVD coated titanium jewelry is shiny, light and durable piercing jewelry that everyone can wear. They are also hypoallergenic and nickel-free. These features in piercing jewelry are very important for the well-being and rapid healing of the piercing. The coating also reduces friction, i.e. it does not collect tissue fluid or impurities any more than implant-level titanium.

PVD coating or thin film coating is a vacuum chamber process where a very thin and even coat is applied to the surface of the piercing jewelry to protect it from wear. This coating does not add a new layer to the object that could crack or wear over time (think of old paint). Black titanium nitride applied with a PVD coating is the standard for medical tools, and it is also an environmentally friendly choice.

The coating is a shiny armor for jewelry that offers a strong and thin coating for various uses. Unlike wearable paints and many other methods used by other companies, this technique is body-friendly, so it can be used safely and without problems on piercing jewelry.

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