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Kaos Softwear is the creation of founders Jesse Jarrell and Steve Haworth. They began exploring the idea of ​​using silicone in jewelry in the late 90s and soon began producing the first ever silicone jewelry, which was introduced to the piercing jewelry industry in 2002.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kaos Softwear specializes in making the world's most flexible and comfortable premium silicone piercing jewelry.

The jewelry is designed and made by people who are immersed in the body modification community and come from different backgrounds and subcultures. This guarantees customers that they will receive a product that also meets their personal quality standards.

By being part of the culture they serve, the Kaos team conveys their passion and vision to customers so they get a product they care about and have built their lives on.

Kaos Softwear is proud to offer a product made from implant grade silicone that is fully biocompatible. All materials are sourced and manufactured in the USA. The materials used are batch tested and have safety data sheets that are always available to customers. Kaos Softwear meets government safety regulations in accordance with California Prop 65 and current regulations limiting the use of lead, phthalates and cadmium.

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