Instructions for use of Piercing jewelry

How to use threadless push-pin piercing jewelry

1. Place the pin of the jewelry tip 1/3 inside the base part (picture 1).

2. Bend the pin slightly (picture 2).

3. Insert the pin of the jewelry tip completely into the base part.

The jewelry only opens with a firm jerk. If the fastening feels loose, repeat steps 1-3.

Regularly check that the pin of the jewelry tip is at the bottom when the jewelry is on you!

Please be gentle when handling jewelry.

How to use Clicker piercing ring

The ring works with a locking hinge that is easy to click open and close. The jewelry has no detachable parts.

How to use Internally threaded piercing jewelry

The jewelry tightens clockwise and opens counter-clockwise.

The threads of the top part of the jewelry are turned inside the body of the jewelry. Such piercing jewelry does not damage the piercing, for example when changing the jewelry (threads cannot scratch the piercing).

Internally threaded jewelry should be regularly tightened and made sure that they are tightly closed.

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