For the love of body modification

LuxJewelle Oy was born in the spring of 2022 from the passion of two women for body modification. Our owners, Aunetta and Pinky, are professionals in body modification, and they know the customer's needs when it comes to emphasizing the best aspects of a person.

Our entire team is committed body modification professionals and enthusiasts. This is our life's work and our way of life. We want to share our expertise with you, and guarantee the best possible way for you to realize yourself.

Ask the piercer

Aunetta has been working in the piercing industry since 2019 after being taught by a experienced piercer who has more than 20 years of experience in body modification. Aunetta will consult with us on all jewelry-related questions, and she will choose the most suitable options with you. From Aunetta, you can also book an appointment for piercings or a consultation at our Pinky Inky tattoo location in Mikkeli, where she has worked as a piercer since the beginning of 2022. In this case, we can personally serve you on site and ensure the best options for you!

Creative professionals

Pinky has had a long career as a professional tattoo artist since 2011 and works as a tattoo artist in the Pinky Inky tattoo shop she still owns in Mikkeli. A long career with different bodies has taught her to see the best options for everyone's body and skin, which she also knows how to use in jewelry choices. Her visuality and creativity can be seen in our marketing, and Pinky's methods are also reflected in our customer service. So if you have any questions about our company, our methods of operation, or if you would like to collaborate with us, please contact Pinky!

Silja is team's first employee from autumn 2022. Before joining LuxJewelle, he has worked for 7 years as the store manager of a famous tattoo and piercing shop in London. You will meet her on weekdays, e.g. in our customer service and in charge of social media marketing. She is our company's all-rounder who is not swayed by the slightest pressure or rush. We are excited that we immediately found a person with knowledge about piercings to strengthen our team to develop and market the online store and our services.

As a team with a passion for body modification, we serve you with iron professionalism, an aesthetic eye and a warm and customer-focused attitude!

Let's enjoy piercings together!

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