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Piercing services in Mikkeli

Our office is located in Mikkeli at Pinky Inky Tattoo (address: Savilahdenkatu 10, 50100 Mikkeli). You can book an appointment with our piercer Aunetta for a piercing or for example a consultation regarding the choice of jewelry, installation or piercings in general.

Customer visits are always preferably by appointment, so that we know how to prepare for your arrival and are ready to serve you!

Book an appointment with a piercer from Timma or by phone +358413140325.

We install all Piercing Jewelry purchased from us free of charge.

Our piercer Aunetta

Customers describe Aunetta as an approachable, calm professional with solid knowledge.

"I enjoy work that achieves an aesthetically beautiful and customer-desired end result. I also like to challenge myself even in demanding projects. Continuous development and learning new things make me enjoy my work brilliantly!"

Age limits for piercings

The normal age limit for piercings is 16 years, but with a parent's permission, a 14-year-old can get a piercing. Smaller children's ears pierced on a case-by-case basis, always so that the child themself is ready and willing to be pierced. The age limit for nipple and genital piercings is always 18 years.

Read why we recommend piercing earrings instead of using a piercing gun.

When you come to get a piercing

When you come for the piercing, we ask you to fill out a consent form and give you written treatment instructions. The piercer always gives exact care instructions, depending on which piercing is involved.

Before piercing, we clean the piercing area carefully and mark the desired place of the jewelry using a marking pigment designed for the skin. The correct arrangement of the piercing is particularly important, and we put a lot of effort into it. After choosing, cleaning and setting up the place, we prepare the piercing area, after which the piercing can be done.

About the working methods of our shop

In our store, cleanliness, aseptic technique and customer safety are of primary importance. We take good care of the general cleanliness and especially the cleanliness of the customer areas. We work with methods, tools and substances that protect you and your skin during the processes. Our facilities are approved by the health inspector.

When piercing, we always use sterile gloves and other tools. We use a high-speed autoclave with the highest classification, which we use to sterilize the products and jewelry before the procedure. We use the best possible piercing needles to minimize the possibility of tissue damage.

Aunetta does not pinch the piercing area with forceps while doing the piercing. Forceps-free technology speeds up the healing process, minimizes the risk of tissue damage and is less painful for the client.

Piercer at the fair

We want to actively tour various events and trade fairs with our piercing jewelry and piercing services.

Thanks to our express autoclave, we can bring studio-level piercing services directly to the fair. We have the jewelry in the showcase sterilized directly on the customer, so you can choose your favorite jewelry instead of the basic jewelry. Please contact us if you would like us to join you at your event or trade fair!

Our annual partner is Finland's largest tattoo art event Helsinki-Ink.

A warm welcome to our piercing bench!

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