24Kt Gold PVD titanium prong set star

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24Kt Gold PVD titanium prong set star

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Important Note: This jewelry end requires a corresponding post for complete functionality!

Fascinating Star

Enhancer of Radiance Piercing Jewelry Tip Astrology and jewelry come together in this enchanting piercing jewelry tip that is sure to make a statement in your jewelry collection. This star-shaped clear cubic zirconia is the perfect way to add sparkle and style to any piercing.

The jewelry tip is made of high-quality implant-grade titanium and coated with stunning 24-karat gold. This combination ensures the durability and brilliance of the piece, standing the test of time and radiating luxury.

The tip comes in two different sizes, both delicate and slim, making them ideal for almost any piercing. Whether it's a lip, ear, nose, or any other piercing craving a touch of beauty and radiance, this jewelry is the perfect choice.

Let the jewelry shine and glow like a star in the night sky. It's the perfect way to express your unique style and beauty. Whether it's a casual or formal occasion, this jewelry is sure to leave an impression.

Choose the Star piercing jewelry tip and give yourself permission to shine.

Threadless (Push Pin) Piercing Jewelry

A threadless piercing jewelry requires a threadless post to function as a piercing. You can use these jewelry pieces in almost any piercing, as long as you choose a compatible post for it from here.

No more worries about losing the jewelry components!

Threadless (push pin) jewelry is much easier to use compared to traditional threaded piercing jewelry. You don't have to tighten or twist the jewelry to ensure it's secure. With these pieces, all you need to do is occasionally check that the pin of the top part is inserted fully into the base.

The threadless attachment is more secure and less likely to come loose compared to threaded jewelry. That's why we always recommend this threadless option for more valuable jewelry tops.

Easy to remove and put back in place!

You can adjust the tightness of your jewelry during initial setup. Additionally, all the threadless posts and jewelry tops we sell are compatible with each other. You only need one post, and you can fit all the tops onto it.

With your order, you will receive detailed instructions for using the jewelry, which you can also find on our website under "Jewelry Usage Guidelines".

24k gold PVD titanium

PVD coated titanium jewelry is shiny, light and durable piercing jewelry that everyone can wear. They are also hypoallergenic and nickel-free. These features in piercing jewelry are very important for the well-being and rapid healing of the piercing.

The sparkle of real gold without the big price tag

The gold coating enables the use of 24k gold in pierced jewelry. 24k gold alone would not be possible to use as a material in pierced jewelry, because it would not withstand wear due to its softness. However, 24k gold used in the coating works great and this way the tone of real gold stays in the jewelry for a long time.

No wear or darkening in use

PVD coating or thin film coating is a vacuum chamber process where a very thin and even coating is added to the surface of the pierced jewelry to protect it from wear. In addition, the coating is an environmentally friendly choice.

A safe and environmentally friendly option

The coating reduces friction, which means it does not collect tissue fluid or impurities any more than implant-grade titanium. The plating of the jewelry is also environmentally friendly. Unlike wearable paints and many other methods used by other companies, this technique is body-friendly, so it can be used safely and without problems on piercing jewelry.

Product details

  • 24k Gold PVD Implant Grade Titanium TI-6AL-4V ELI ASTM
  • Threadless Piercing Jewelry Tip
  • Sizes available in the dropdown menu
  • Prong-Set Cubic Zirconia with Star Cut
  • Manufacturer's Warranty against manufacturing defects

Choosing the right size for your jewelry is crucial for both the appearance of the piercing and its comfort and well-being! You can find instructions on selecting the correct size in the "Jewelry Selection Guide" section.

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