Black PVD Titanium Prong Set Double CZ Fixed Bottom Navel Ring

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Black PVD Titanium Prong Set Double CZ Fixed Bottom Navel Ring

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Temporarily out of stock

Stylish Combination of Contrast and Radiance! 

Do you want to stand out with a stunning piece of jewelry that exudes confidence? We present you with the perfect solution: a black belly button ring with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. This piece offers a striking contrast with its black base and shimmering stones that are sure to catch attention.

By investing in a high-quality belly button ring, you not only acquire a magnificent accessory but also a hassle-free wearing experience. This jewelry is crafted from implant-grade titanium, ensuring its durability and longevity. Additionally, the ring is finished with a glossy black PVD coating, giving it a luxurious appearance.

One of the most impressive features of this ring is its internal threading, which guarantees a secure fit. You can confidently enjoy your day or evening knowing that the ring will stay in place, beautifully complementing your style.

Choosing this black belly button ring with dazzling cubic zirconia stones will add attitude and elegance to your ensemble. Whether you're heading to a party, meeting up with friends, or simply want to feel special, this ring is the perfect choice. Order yours now and step confidently into the world of beauty!

Inner thread piercing jewelry

In internally threaded piercing jewelry, the threads are, as the name suggests, on the inside of the piercing basket and in the tip part. The threads of the top part of the jewelry are turned inside the body of the jewelry. Products Piercing jewelry does not damage the piercing, so when changing the jewelry (threads cannot scratch the piercing).

The most durable threads can be found inside the jewelry

In jewelry with an internal thread, the tip parts remain easy to attach, so easily in jewelry with an external thread. The threads of the internally threaded jewelry are made for a purpose, which is why they don't give up easily, but last in use, while used in externally threaded jewelry, the threads break and the ball is no longer allowed to stay at the end of the jewelry.

The jewelry tightens clockwise and opens counter-clockwise

Sometimes remember that the top part is firmly twisted all the way to the bottom, so that it doesn't come loose without you noticing. If you had tightened each piece of jewelry, it may still loosen later on in use. When tightening the jewelry, rotate the tip clockwise. On the other hand, when you want to remove the tip part, rotate it counterclockwise.

Black PVD-Coated Titanium

PVD-coated titanium jewelry is a glossy, lightweight, and durable choice for piercings that everyone can wear. They are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, which are crucial attributes for the well-being and quick healing of piercings. The coating also reduces friction, meaning it won't accumulate tissue fluid or impurities any more than implant-grade titanium.

The PVD coating does not wear off or crack with use.

PVD coating, also known as Physical Vapor Deposition, is a vacuum chamber process where an extremely thin and uniform layer is applied to the surface of the jewelry to protect it from wear. This coating does not add an additional layer to the object that could crack or wear off over time (like old paint, for example). The black titanium nitride applied with PVD coating is a standard for medical instruments, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

A stylish and safe choice.

The coating acts as a glossy armor, providing a strong and thin layer for piercing jewelry. Unlike other companies' applied paints and various other methods that wear off, this technique is body-friendly, ensuring safe and problem-free use in piercing jewelry.

Product details

  • Black PVD Implant Grade Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136
  • Internal Threaded Piercing Jewelry
  • 1.6mm (thickness) x 11.2mm (length)
  • Prong-Set 3A Grade Cubic Zirconia, 4mm (top) 8mm (bottom)
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Choosing the right size of jewelry is crucial for both the appearance and the comfort and health of your piercing! For guidelines on selecting the correct size, please refer to the "Jewelry Selection Guide" section in the instructions.

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