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Titanium Threadless with Fixed Disk Floating Navel Bar

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Navel jewelry, where its upper part is on display

You can combine this stem for navel piercing with any threadless jewelry top. The idea of ​​the jewelry is that the top of the jewelry comes above the navel and completely hides the lower part of the jewelry. You can also easily change the jewelry top that comes to the upper part of the jewelry according to your style.

The jewelry is designed especially for the navel, where the lower ball of the jewelry turns inward and is therefore not aesthetically pleasing. Jewelry even when the lower ball of the traditionally shaped pole jewelry rubs or feels uncomfortable. The jewelry can also be worn just because it looks aesthetically beautiful anywhere on the navel.

Threadless (push pin) base part

The non-threaded stem needs a non-threaded top to function as a piercing jewelry. You can use these studs for almost any piercing, as long as you choose the right design and size for your piercing. You can see all base part options here. You can choose a suitable top here.

More carefree when the top parts don't fall off!

Threadless (push pin) jewelry is much easier to use than traditional threaded piercing jewelry. You don't need to tighten or twist the top to check if it's tight. In these pieces of jewellery, it is enough to occasionally check that the pin of the top part is inside the base part all the way to the bottom.

A non-threaded attachment is more reliable than, for example, a threaded one. For this reason, we always recommend this non-threaded option for more valuable jewelry tops.

Easier to take out and put back in place!

You can adjust the tension of your jewelry yourself when putting it into use. In addition, all the threadless stem parts and jewelry tops we sell are compatible with each other. You only need to have one base and you can make all the tops fit into it.

With your order, you will receive detailed instructions for putting the jewellery into use, and you can also find them on our website under "Jewelry instructions".

High gloss implant grade titanium

Implant-grade titanium is a hypoallergenic, nickel-free material. It is suitable for use by everyone and does not cause sensitivities. It is a great material already for a first piece of jewelry and has solved countless of our customers' problems with piercings.

Durable piercing jewelry material

Implant-grade titanium is a light, durable and high-gloss material that is perfect for piercing jewelry. For example, this material does not magnetize or heat up. It also does not darken with use and does not transfer color to the skin or your piercing.

A safe alternative to piercing

This material does not cause friction and does not collect impurities due to its high gloss. In addition, the name implant-grade titanium indicates that it is used in medicine in implants and, for example, in pacemakers.

How can you know that the material is what is promised?

When choosing a piercing jewelry whose brand and manufacturer you know, you can also be sure of its material. The necessary data is available from the manufacturer to prove the jewelry's exact material information. If you buy a piece of pierced jewelry whose brand the seller can't tell you, you can't be sure what material it actually is.

Product details

  • High gloss implant grade titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136)
  • Threadless base
  • Sizes can be seen in the menu (thickness x length)
  • Fixed back part 4mm
  • Manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects

The appropriate size of the jewelry is essential both in terms of the appearance of the piercing, as well as its comfort and health! You can find instructions for choosing the right size of jewelry in the "How to choose suitable jewellery" section of the instructions.

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