Tulip - 14kt rose gold

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Tulip - 14kt rose gold

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The Gold Tulip piece features a gold tulip base with one 3mm CZ stone. This piece measures 4.20mm x 7.50mm. Threadless decorative 14 kt white gold end.

We recommend Junipurr Jewelry's labret base for this piece

You can find a suitable labret or barbell for the jewelry under "jewelry types" in the menu.

Elegance represents the aesthetic goal of the brand. Junipurr strives for quality and beauty, for all unique individuals. Junipurr designs luxury.

The value and beauty of gold jewelry is preserved forever

Our gold jewelry is made for you when you want more from your piercing jewelry. We have selected the world's most prestigious branded pierced jewelry in our selection, easily available to you.

In this gold jewelry, a unique detailed design meets the lasting shine of gold. Wearing this jewelry is also the best way to invest money. The value of gold jewelry is maintained and even increases. In addition, you get to enjoy the luxurious sparkle of real gold every day.

Nickel-free gold jewelry is suitable for everyone

All the gold jewelry in our selection is nickel-free. Nickel is one of the most common binders of gold and is well used in the jewelry industry. Quality piercing jewelery manufacturers prefer nickel-free gold to minimize the complications that nickel causes for many.

Making jewelry with nickel as a binder presents its own challenges in terms of durability and design. The manufacturers have developed the means to achieve a safe and functional end, however.

All jewelry manufacturers also have their own websites, where you can easily read about the manufacturers' methods of operation, guarantees, values ​​and ethics.

14k or 18k gold jewelry?

The value of gold jewelry is based on its gold content. Gold-bearing, i.e. the value of pure gold, is revealed by the karats of the jewelry. The more carats there are, the higher the gold content in the jewelry.

Although gilding is its advantage due to its malleability, the softest purest 24 carat gold is too soft for jewelry material. Other mixed metals are added to the gold to make it a little harder to work. That creates 14- and 18-carat gold jewelry. 24 carat soft purest gold is used as a PVD coating in titanium jewelry, where it withstands use as piercing jewelry.

Junipurr Jewelry

Junipurr is a Canadian company that manufactures luxury piercing jewelry. They are focused on manufacturing and selling gold piercing jewelry. Doing things thoroughly is one of Junipurr Jewelry's core values. They work hard every day to make high quality gold body jewelry available to safe and professional piercers. All gold is ethically sourced.

Elegance represents the aesthetic goal of the brand. Junipurr strives for quality and beauty, for all unique individuals. Junipurr designs luxury without a high price tag, making gold jewelry a luxury that is accessible to everyone.

Threadless (push pin) piercing jewelry base

A threadless piercing jewelry top needs a threadless stem to function as a piercing jewelry. You can use these tops for almost any piercing, as long as you choose the right base for that piercing here.

More carefree when the tip parts don't fall off!

Threadless (push pin) jewelry is much easier to use than traditional threaded piercing jewelry. You do not need to tighten or rotate the jewelry to check if it is tight. In these pieces of jewelry, it is enough to occasionally check that the pin of the tip part is inside the base part all the way to the bottom.

A non-threaded attachment is more reliable than, for example, a threaded one. For this reason, we always recommend this non-threaded option for more valuable jewelry tips.

Easier to take out and put back in place!

You can adjust the tension of your jewelry yourself when putting it into use. In addition, all the threadless stem parts and jewelry tips we sell are compatible with each other. You only need to have one base and you can make all the tips fit into it.

With your order, you will receive detailed instructions for putting the jewelry into use, and you can also find them on our website under "Instructions for use of jewellery".

Product details

  • 14k nickel-free rose gold
  • Threadless piercing top
  • Size: 4.20mm x 7.50mm
  • Prong set zirconia with brilliant cut
  • Manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects

The appropriate size of the jewelry is essential both in terms of the appearance of the piercing, as well as its comfort and health! You can find instructions for choosing the right size of jewelry in the "Instructions for use of Piercing jewellery" section of the instructions.

Size: 4.20mm x 7.50mm

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