Heart Navel Bar -Red

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Heart Navel Bar -Red

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In stock

A graceful, time-lasting navel jewellery

This luxurious navel. bar is handcrafted from scratch in the USA. The jewelry has 2 zircon stones, one is perfect for the purpose in the shape of an marquise. The gemstones are delicate so they don't strain your piercing. Because of this, you can wear the jewelry without worry even if your piercing is still in the healing phase.

These navel jewelry are unique pieces in our online store. We are ordering replacement parts from this manufacturer (Anatometal), grab yours!


Anatometal's mission is to combine the best aspects of 21st-century technology with research and refinement of manufacturing technology into a modern-day guild of responsible and committed craftsmen.

They work daily to provide the highest level of customer support based on personal experience with piercing jewelry, the resources of our staff of professional piercers, and a passion for this ancient art. Science mixes with art as they constantly update and apply their knowledge of metal specifications to ensure safety, comfort and durability.

They build on their visibility and hard-earned success in the industry by demonstrating market leadership in bringing together the best of American resources. The use of materials that meet strict standards, as well as highly motivated and talented staff, make Anatometal the world's most prestigious piercing jewelry company.

Anatometal's vision is to bring out carefully handcrafted top quality and classically designed piercing jewelry. This vision is achieved in all production stages by using implant-quality materials and maintaining precision specifications; By hand polishing and packing their fine products, proud of the Anatometal brand since 1991.

Anatometal has been affiliated with the Professional Piercers Association (APP) since its inception and was the organization's first corporate member, and proudly adheres to the Association's specifications and standards. After all, they were the ones who created these minimum standards more than two decades ago.

Inner thread piercing jewelry

In internally threaded piercing jewelry, the threads are, as the name suggests, on the inside of the piercing basket and in the tip part. The threads of the top part of the jewelry are turned inside the body of the jewelry. Products Piercing jewelry does not damage the piercing, so when changing the jewelry (threads cannot scratch the piercing).

The most durable threads can be found inside the jewelry

In jewelry with an internal thread, the tip parts remain easy to attach, so easily in jewelry with an external thread. The threads of the internally threaded jewelry are made for a purpose, which is why they don't give up easily, but last in use, while used in externally threaded jewelry, the threads break and the ball is no longer allowed to stay at the end of the jewelry.

The jewelry tightens clockwise and opens counter-clockwise

Sometimes remember that the top part is firmly twisted all the way to the bottom, so that it doesn't come loose without you noticing. If you had tightened each piece of jewelry, it may still loosen later on in use. When tightening the jewelry, rotate the tip clockwise. On the other hand, when you want to remove the tip part, rotate it counterclockwise.

High gloss implant grade titanium

Implant-grade titanium is a hypoallergenic, nickel-free material. It is suitable for use by everyone and does not cause sensitivities. It is a great material already for a first piece of jewelry and has solved countless of our customers' problems with piercings.

Durable piercing jewelry material

Implant-grade titanium is a light, durable and high-gloss material that is perfect for piercing jewelry. For example, this material does not magnetize or heat up. It also does not darken with use and does not transfer color to the skin or your piercing.

A safe alternative to piercing

This material does not cause friction and does not collect impurities due to its high gloss. In addition, the name implant-grade titanium indicates that it is used in medicine in implants and, for example, in pacemakers.

How can you know that the material is what is promised?

When choosing a piercing jewelry whose brand and manufacturer you know, you can also be sure of its material. The necessary data is available from the manufacturer to prove the jewelry's exact material information. If you buy a piece of pierced jewelry whose brand the seller can't tell you, you can't be sure what material it actually is.

Product details

  • High gloss implant grade titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136)
  • Internally threaded
  • 1.6mm (thickness) x11m (length)
  • Prong-set zircon stones 3mm (upper) & 5mm (lower)
  • Manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects

The appropriate size of the jewelry is essential both in terms of the appearance of the piercing, as well as its comfort and health! You can find instructions for choosing the right size of jewelry in the "How to choose suitable jewellery" section of the instruction.

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