Oval Millgrain Bezel -14Kt Yellow Gold Threaded Jewelry

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Oval Millgrain Bezel -14Kt Yellow Gold Threaded Jewelry

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This detailed oval shaped piece of jewelry is crafted with superior craftsmanship in Los Angeles, California. The 14 carat gold used in its production is recycled . The piece of jewelry is therefore a completely unique piece, like every BVLA piece of jewelry.

The oval-shaped rainforest green topaz in the center of the jewelry is surrounded by a gold pearl frame made of yellow gold. The combination of yellow gold and green gemstone is stunningly beautiful.

The jewelry really exudes high-class quality and durability. Its oval design fits perfectly e.g. Medusa for piercing and many cartilage piercings.

Note This jewelry top fits best with BVLA, Industrial Strength and Neometal's own threaded base pieces. The base piece and the top are designed to fit perfectly, so you don't use force when attaching the jewelry tip. Misuse can damage your jewelry.

BVLA's custom-made piercing jewelry can also be ordered individually through us - see the entire selection https://www.bvla.com/ and tell our customer service your wishes, let's make your dreams of piercing jewelry come true together!

BVLA - Body Vision Los Angeles

BVLA - Body Vision Los Angeles is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of luxury piercing jewelry.

Since 1996, BVLA has proudly built a business dedicated to exceeding the standards of the piercing jewelry industry and challenging the prevailing norms. BVLA has always focused on quality and design in its jewelry.

BVLA jewelry is incomparable - They have more than 3000 carefully designed unique jewelry models in their selection. With their jewelry, they respond to the technical needs and wishes of both piercers and customers. When designing each piece of jewelry, they have prioritized the wearer's health and well-being by choosing first-class metals and gemstones.

With more than 150 unique gemstone options in different shapes and sizes, seven different precious metals, including platinum, BVLA can make all your jewelry dreams come true. Each piece of their jewelry is meticulously designed, handcrafted and polished with love in Los Angeles, California. This allows BVLA to maintain expert-level craftsmanship and at the same time guarantee that the jewelry is of the highest quality in the world.

BVLA makes responsible choices in all respects. The metals used in the jewelry are recycled, minimizing environmental impact. The diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free. They also believe in diverse hiring practices and equality among all people.

BVLA states: Happy people produce beautiful jewelry!

The well-being of the employees is of primary importance to the brand. Good benefits, flexibility and a generally good work environment enable BVLA to attract and retain the world's most skilled and creative craftsmen.

They are committed to giving back to our local community and to future generations of jewellers. In 2020, they launched the "BVLA Future Stars Apprentice" program to support and develop underprivileged young adults to achieve their dreams of designing and manufacturing fine jewelry.

Internally threaded piercing jewelry

In internally threaded piercing jewelry, the threads are, as the name suggests, on the inside of the piercing jewelry and on the outside in the top part. The threads of the top part of the jewelry are turned inside the body of the jewelry. Such piercing jewelry does not damage the piercing, for example when changing the jewelry (threads cannot scratch the piercing).

Tightening the piercing

In jewelry with an internal thread, the top parts stay on much better and do not loosen as easily as in jewelry with an external thread. The threads of internal threaded jewelry are made with precision, which is why they do not give out easily, but last in use, while often in externally threaded jewelry, the threads break and the ball cannot stay at the end of the jewelry.

How do you open a piercing jewelry?

Remember to check from time to time that the top part is firmly twisted all the way to the bottom, so that it doesn't come loose without noticing. Even if you have tightened the jewelry carefully, it can still loosen during use. When tightening the piercing, rotate the top clockwise. On the other hand, when you want to remove the top part, rotate it counterclockwise.

Product details

  • 14Kt yellow gold
  • Internally threaded jewelry
  • 8mm (height) x 6mm (width)
  • 5x3mm Rainforest Topaz (1)
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

The right jewellery size is essential for both the appearance of the piercing and the comfort and health of wearing it! Instructions for choosing the right size of the jewelry can be found in the instructions section "How to choose suitable jewellery"

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